How to import presets (LUTs) into Photoshop + download 3 free LUTs!

Hi all,

Some people wonder that how we can quickly colour grade photos in Adobe Photoshop, as we do for example in Lightroom. In fact, Photoshop does not operate with presets but we can import Look Up Tables (LUT) into the software and quickly achieve a magnificent professional look.


LUTs are colour presets usually used in video editing platforms to grade footages in a short amount of time and provide a steady look throughout the movie. Here, I have placed three LUTs made by myself and you can download them for free.

Raw Photo




Let us run through how you can import and use them in Photoshop. First, you need to open your photo. Then on the Adjustments toolbox at the right click on the Color Lookup.


A new layer named colour lookup 1 will be created. Click on that and on the properties tab on the top click on the Load 3D LUT.


On the pop-up file explorer, locate the path that you have saved the LUT file, then change the sought file type to 3DL and select one of the LUT files.


The LUT will be applied to your image. Now, sometimes the effect is too strong and you may reduce the opacity of the colour lookup layer.




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